10 Fashion Tips to Shine in 2019

Fashion Tips

A few days into 2019, it's not too late to start planning your fashion statement for the year. You might have already perfected the art of layering up for winters since December has been a cold reality. With spring, summer and autumn to follow, be prepared with your 2019 style statement. While some clothes will make it through the previous years into the following months of 2019, some new year resolutions will need to be made to keep up with your budget and trend, some resistance to panic shopping and finding best online shopping websites for convenience.

While we are going to give you some important fashion tips for 2019, don't just yet get rid of the classic styles. Always try and look for ideas to modernize your wardrobe, upgrade your fashion and keep the classics. It’s time to revolutionize the way you wear your clothes and do some groundbreaking changes in your wardrobe. Give a look to Margaret M’s top 10 fashion tips and benefit the knowledge of some real fashion experts.

1. Be Strategical with How You Show Your Skin

When we said you could carry forward a few of the fashion elements from the past year, we meant it. Pencil skirts showing off your curves in the right manner, slimming pants highlighting your figure and silk blouses are probably going to stay evergreen choices when it comes to fashion wear. A crop top that shows off your waist a little along with slimming pants or a pencil skirt breaks up the look for you. If you would like to show off your curves and assets in the right places, be strategical with your fashion choice.

2. High-waisted: A Cut for Everyone

Another fashion tip is that do not look down upon those high-waisted shorts or pants you didn’t dare buy before. High-waisted cuts are the perfect cut for everyone. Whether you are curvy and petite, or tall and slim, they will fit you perfectly. Why? High-waisted means tummy tuck for the curvier of us, but also defining hips for those of us who are more rectangular.

3. Embrace Your Body

The thumb rule of fashion, as Margaret M would say is to embrace your body type no matter what. Dress comfortably and flatter it, where due. An easier way of picking your clothes for 2019 should be to balance it out with either volume of the bottom or on top. For example, if you are going to pick an oversized top, choose a skinny bottom and vice versa. Clothes you choose represent your style and can make you look confident as well as empower you.

4. Do not be afraid of bright colors

For 2019, bright colors are in! Stay bold and beautiful, don't shy away from colors. While neutrals and dark colors in your fashion wear is a safe choice to opt for, bright colors exude confidence. If it is too different from your existing style statement, we would suggest you start transitioning into adding colors with the right selection of accessories followed by mixing and matching the colors. Another fashion tip for those who are scared to move away from the neutrals is to start with pale colors of blue and pink.

5. Color Block Is The Way To Go

Have you ever dared to be bold with your clothes? In 2019, color block is the way to go! Try wearing a marine skirt with a scarlet top, or green and yellow together! The traditional black and white are also quite a classic but this year, color is trendy. Time to get colorful.

6. Don’t Get Caught by Sales

You know what fashion tips we all really need to hear? Be wary of sales. Sometimes, an article of clothing, even on sales, isn’t a good buy. Why, you ask? Simply because the price does not make the clothes. Only buy a bargain if you love it and will wear it. Impulsive purchases are higher during the sale period which ends up in your wardrobe, never to be seen ever again. Take it as a New Year's resolution, say no to impulsive purchases.

7. Vintage? Aging Like a Good Wine!

We’ve seen it, since the beginning of 2018, it seems like vintage is the go-to. Not only for accessories, but also for clothes! Think about the flash return of the jumpsuit. Do not throw your vintage, it’s time to get it out of the closet and use it again.

8. It’s Time to Donate

We know that fashion tip number 7 told you to get some of your clothes out of the closet and we would like to continue that idea by saying some of them should go to donations. Why? If you haven’t worn a piece in over a year, the chances are you aren’t going to use it for 2019 either. Clear up your wardrobe to welcome some trendy and latest collection of fashion pieces.  

9. Check Every Angle

When you buy clothes, don’t be afraid to twist and spin, and bend and stretch. Look how your new clothes react to your body to make sure they are the perfect fit for you.

10. Stripes, Prints, and More!

Do not be afraid to mix designs, but still do it with parsimony! Heavily printed pants don’t do too well with a heavily printed shirt. The key is to go with moderation, however, prints are in right now!

Finally, how about giving a look at Margaret M’s online clothing boutique and get hold of a nice pair of slimming pants. These life-changing pants will make your everyday life a lot simpler and much more fashionable. Try one and you’ll see just how versatile they are. They might just be your perfect fashion tip to others in no time! Don't be afraid to get creative with your style, be experimental and occasionally there is no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone. In 2019, modernize your wardrobes and embrace new silhouettes. Don't forget to keep comfort as a top priority when choosing your fashion statement.

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