Slimming Pull On Comfort Pants

As much as we’d love to put on a dress, in this frigid cold the best thing to do is to channel your inner Katharine Hepburn and put on your pants.  Shopping for pants is not usually one of life’s pleasures.  There are pants that are too long.  There are pants that are too short.  There are pants that you cannot button or pull up the zipper (well, not without some big sucking in) and then there are pants that are too big that not even the right belt can address.

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5 Pant Dilemmas, Solved

Countless cuts, ever changing trends, and frustrating fits: Pants are far from a "basic" staple. With help from experts, Real Simple updates—and uncomplicates—the wardrobe stalwart....


Blue, black, red, white… we have it all!

Margaret M provides slimming pants with the latest prints and colors....

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