Patterned pants: Which pattern according to your morphology?

Patterned pants: Which pattern according to your morphology?

People who say that patterned pants are limited to certain morphology types are liars, or ignorant of the large range of patterns nowadays.

If it was true that all the patterns available were lines and dots back then, nowadays, the choice in patterns is as diverse as the humans wearing them.

Margaret M might just have the one pair of patterned pants that fits you perfectly! Let’s check out the different patterns and the morphology they each suit.

Tonal patterns

Tonal patterns can be worn by everyone. Whether your shape is round, elongated, thin, curvy or pear, tonal patterned pants will never look bad on you. They’re one of the most versatile types of patterns too, moving delicately between highly fashionable and more casual clothing.

There’s a pair of tonal patterned pants for all occasion and fitting all body types. This is most likely one of the most flexible types of patterns and nowadays, they are offered in more than army green. It’s time to enjoy tonal patterns!

Small or big patterns?

Now it gets a little trickier, but not by much. Again, there’s a pair of patterned pants for everyone so do not be discouraged! However, should your figure be a little more on the curvy side, we would greatly advise against bigger patterns. These types of patterns tend to help thinner woman look rounder and unfortunately promotes thicker features. If you want to look slim, big patterns on your patterned pants might end up really unflattering on your womanly thighs!

Opt for smaller patterns and see your legs flattered once more! Margaret M’s online boutique offers a lot of different patterns to suit every morphology. Patterned pants and pencil skirts have never been that trendy so it’s time to treat yourself to a fashionable pair of pants!

Careful about the lines!

Again, the lines are so gorgeous but they might end up really unflattering on the wrong morphology. Horizontal lines favor the tall and thin while vertical lines are perfect for the curvier of us.

If you have round hips and thick thighs, we suggest you choose your patterned pants with vertical lines. They’ll make your legs look longer and thinner.

Be cautious about animal prints

Animal prints have become increasingly popular in the past few years, however, we would like to warn you against them. No matter how pretty they are, and while they fit any kind of morphology, we would advise the rounder of us to choose a fabric that is fluid as to elongate the silhouette. Should you choose a material that follows your curves, you might end up accentuating the roundness of your belly or the thickness of your hips! If you are tall and thin, animal prints should suit you no matter what, however, keep in mind that if you mix-and-match several types of patterns, you might end up more than just a little quirky.

Always be careful about the type of patterns you want to match together, too many patterns can sometimes cause an unwanted saturated effect!

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