Slimming Shorts

slimming shorts

The Slimming Shorts collection by Margaret M is a priceless must for your spring and summer wardrobe.

With our Slimming Shorts, you can look and feel good during the warmer seasons, whatever the occasion and from every angle. For a super trendy look, discover our High-Waisted Shorts!


Slimming Shorts: The Perfect Mix

The needs of today’s woman are the inspiration behind Margaret M’s Slimming Shorts design—at each stage of the process. Nothing has been left to chance!

Always Aim Higher!

The unique cut of these shorts will enhance your figure, whatever your body type.  The high waist is making a huge comeback, and we want to make sure you’re part of the trend with an ultra stylish item that gives your figure a makeover.

The high waist slims your figure. Our secret? The Slimming Fit, a set of design and aesthetic elements that make our clothing so easy to wear.

Wear the Slimming Shorts, and face the day with your best self! This piece’s cut redefines your body and stretches and slims the legs. Give your look a touch of glamour with a pair of stilettos.

Tummy Tuck: Voyons ce qu’il a dans le ventre !

As with our Slimming Pants, our Tummy Tuck feature has been integrated into our Slimming Shorts. The elastic waist covers your tummy and hips and harmonizes every part of your figure.

At Margaret M, we create clothing that embodies eleganceversatility and comfort.  Yes, you read right: elegance and comfort not only can mix, but they should!

With the effective Tummy Tuck, you can breathe easier.

A Piece That’s Custom Woven

How are our Slimming Shorts so stylish and so comfy? It’s all about the fabric! Our special blend offers a number of advantages:

  • Elasticity that won’t quit;
  • A soft feeling against your skin;
  • Superior quality;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Strong resistance to all stains;
  • An antimicrobial quality.

You and your Slimming Shorts are made to last!

Slimming Shorts As Unique As You

We have the privilege of working with designers who put their creative genius to work for fashion and for your well-being.

We strive to offer modern women versatile items that can be worn all day long, hassle-free.

Our answer is original clothing in a variety of patterns and colours that suit all of our clients’ tastes. Each of our collections has a distinguishing exclusive print.

At Margaret M, our vision is based on the principle of inclusion. There’s a pair of Slimming Shorts specially designed for you. Whether you’re a business woman, a student or a mom, we value your needs and reality down to the finest detail.

Looking to add some style to your spring or summer? Visit our online store and take advantage of our free delivery and return policy so you can try on some Slimming Shorts at home.

Lily High Rise Grid Short
Lily High Rise Blue Short
Lily Pineapple High Rise Short
Lily Splash High Rise Short
Lily Shell High Rise Short
Lily City Garden High Waisted Short