About Us


About Us

Margaret M handles both the design and manufacturing of its collections and is recognized as always being ahead of the curve in trends, the amazing fit of their garments and their ability to rapidly respond to customer demand.
Our Canadian and European design team travels the world in search of the latest trends, and fabrics while never losing sight of what the end customers ultimately desires.

We proudly produce our garments locally and do our part in supporting the North American economy.


As you know, you can purchase our ultra trendy clothing through our online store. Pick from a wide range of items that are adapted to your figure, all from the comfort of your home. Shopping has never been easier!

For the fashionistas who still love the experience of in-store shopping to sample our soft fabrics and try on pieces before buying, your wish is granted!

We do wholesale distribution to your favourite boutiques. In addition to easily accessing our products, you can try on our glamour Slimming Pants, our designer High Waisted Shorts or our elegant Pencil Skirts with accessories and tops offered by our wholesale partners. With MargaretM, getting a complete, hot look is so easy!

Learn more about our distributors and get your hands on a MargaretM product today!


Active labels:

Margaret M

Margaret M Boutique

Margaret M Slimming Pant

Erica Taylor