About Us

Our Vision

In today’s hectic lifestyle, women want to feel good, look good and put their best selves forward with ease and without compromising style. Margaret M is fine-tuned to women’s needs and delivers a line of clothes that is versatile, easy to wear and compliments women’s figures.

Made In Canada

At Margaret M, we value contributing to the development of our country. That’s part of the reason we’ve decided to make all our products here in Canada. We also feel better knowing that our pieces meet all Canadian healthy and safety standards; that our slimming pants have travelled less and have made a smaller carbon footprint, and that the people who manufacture our clothes are well-treated and enjoy good work conditions.

 We proudly produce our garments in Canada and do our part in supporting the North American economy.

Our commitment

As a business we hold ourselves to high standards, and we understand that constructing the perfect garment is not simplistic, but we are determined to continuously get closer to perfection. We strive to develop products that will inspire women to look and feel their best

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Margaret M

Margaret M Slimming Pants

Erica Taylor

SliMM by Margaret M