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2 products

Our pencil skirts will carry you in any business meeting or social events with style and confidence. This silhouette is flattering to your figure and the memory stretch will hold the body together with extreme comfort. 

Main Features of Margaret M’s Pencil Skirts

Thanks to our talented team of stylists and designers, we are able to offer a rich and diversified collection of skirts with exclusive patterns and prints. Whether you opt for a sensible, sleek look or a more exuberant feel, we have pencil skirts to match any mood you’re in.

Our pencil skirts are designed to flatter women’s curves of all sizes. The innovative fabrics used for our pencil skirts are stretchy and hug your body in all the right places. To ensure the best quality, we make sure that all our clothings does not shrink and remains soft.

No uncomfortable creases and puckering, no waistband that squeezes too tightly and no more zippers that don’t go fully up. Even on a busy and stressful day, your Margaret M pencil skirt remains comfortable.

Today more than ever, shopping Canadian is an important factor when choosing new clothes. Not only do we want the best quality for our dollar, but we also realize the importance of encouraging Canadian manufacturers and producers, along with our own economy.

A Margaret M pencil skirt is the right choice. Our Canadian-made clothing line is designed to make you feel good about yourself and about the clothes you wear.

With Margaret M, you’ll discover a clothing line that showcases the modern woman with style and elegance.

Besides our beautiful pencil skirts, what can be more attractive than those two words: free delivery. With Margaret M, you can shop online, then try on your new clothes in the privacy and comfort of your home, no stress, no fuss, no pressure. Thanks to our free delivery over $50 policy, trying on our skirts becomes so much easier!

Changed your mind? You’re allowed! Return the items for a full refund. Made a mistake when choosing the size? Don’t feel bad, just send the clothes back, along with the right size indication, and we’ll ship the garments in the desired size, no problem.

We want your shopping experience to be a delight!