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Women's Clothing Wholesale

Women's Clothing Wholesale


Interested in becoming one of our wholesale women’s clothing partners? Discover all the advantages of partnering with us and get your hands on a Margaret M product today!

As you may know, our ultra-trendy clothing can be purchased through our online clothing store, where women can pick from a wide range of items that are adapted to their figure. We specialize in slimming clothes, such as our glamour Slimming Pants, our designer Shorts or our elegant Skirts. Thanks to our wholesale women’s clothing partners, we are now able to provide women with the experience of in-store shopping so they can sample our soft fabrics and try on pieces before buying. 


Wholesale Women’s Clothing In-Store or Online— We Have Both!

While we offer an online boutique to our customer, we want to be able to offer women the chance to shop for their favorite slimming pants, skirts, and shorts the traditional way. That’s why we are looking for wholesale women’s clothing partners for an in-store experience! Your boutique might just be the right place for our customers to find their next hot new look!

Women don’t really need an excuse to go shopping, but with their next favorite slimming fit sitting next to your boutique’s most fashionable tops and accessories, we are sure they will fall in love with our wholesale women’s clothing experience thanks to you!


What We Have to Offer to Our Wholesale Partners

We offer our partners a wide range of wholesale women’s clothing, such as our life-changing Slimming Pants, our fashionable Skirts, and our designer Shorts. You can learn more about each of those products below, in order to pair them with some of your boutique’s best-selling tops and accessories!

  • Slimming Pants: Made with memory stretch fabric, our Slimming Pants hold the body in just the right places to make hips, thighs, and belly look at least a couple of sizes thinner. Our Slimming Pants are also ultra-comfortable and stylish and are offered in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes which can easily be harmonized with any accessories or tops you have to sell in your boutique. We wanted to be able to provide the modern woman with a pair of pants that was just as comfortable as stylish, as well as versatile enough to fit with most styles. The days of worrying about their belly bump or compromising comfort for fashion are over!
  • Skirts: Who said that Pencil Skirts only belonged in the office? Definitely not us! With our stylish Pencil Skirts and other Skirts, meeting with colleagues or going out for a casual evening with friends has never been so fashionable! Our skirts, just like our Slimming Pants, have an added tummy tuck control. Show them off with your boutique’s top-selling blouses for a professional look, or pair them with a trendy tee for a dynamic, casual style.
  • Shorts: When the weather gets warm, our Shorts quickly become a must in a woman’s daily summer wardrobe! Paired with a nice tee and fashionable accessories, our High Waisted Shorts are easily the most comfortable and stylish pair of shorts women will ever wear. They also come with their own tummy tuck control so they never have to worry about that belly bump.

If you are a boutique owner or women clothing distributor who would like to take part in Margaret M’s success, we would be glad to share our success.

Become one of our wholesale women’s clothing partners by contacting us at +1 (514) 385-3122 or by email at orders@margaretm.ca. We will be happy to discuss with you and answer all of your questions.

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