Slimming Pants Style Guide

Whether you're at home or work, we know that you want to look your best. So, take a look at the Margaret M slimming pants style guide and discover beautiful and comfortable pant models. You'll exude feminine qualities such as class, professionalism, edginess, and timelessness.

The Catherine Slimming Pant 

Slimming pants guide: Catherine Slimming Pants

The Catherine style is a timeless staple for any occasion. We call it the 24/7 pant due to its versatile nature. It features two invisible zip pockets, is slimming at the waist with a straight leg cut. It also features a tummy tuck mesh to improve the overall hold at the waist. The materials that we use for this style all have memory stretch properties for a maximum hold. You can easily pull them on – no more squeezing into yesterday's non-stretch pants!

The Marlie Slimming Pant

Slimming pants style guide : Marlie Slimming pants

Are you looking for that must have classic pant to compliment your current wardrobe? Then the Marlie Style is your best option. Adorned with a penny pocket and a faux fly, this tummy flattening style will enhance your hips and thighs to give them a slimming effect. It also features two slits at the bottom hem, you can combine nice strappy sandals with it for a casual chic look. The leg is also a clean straight leg.

The Jessica pant

Slimming pants style guide : Jessica Slimming pants

The Jessica Biker Pant Style is the best way to elevate your casual look and add a flair of style and comfort. Made of soft and washable material, these form-hugging skinny leg pants move with your body so that you never have to tug or adjust them. Also, with two side pockets on each leg, you'll never have to fidget in your purse for your phone or your credit card!

Erica Style

Slimming pants style guide : Erica Slimming pants

When we talk about a fun yet structured pant, the Erica Style fits the bill. With an invisible zip at the hem, you can keep it zipped and match it with a nice pair of ballerina flats for a classy chic look at the office. For your evening look, unzip it, pair it with a nice pair of kitten heels and go out in style! This pant style gives you that slimming elevated look and is also very practical. 

The Tracey Skinny Slimming Pant

Slimming pants style guide : Tracey Slimming pants

Skinny leg pants are a staple of any fashionista's closet. Whether you wear your skinny pants at work or at the mall, you want to look classy. The Tracey Slimming Pants are made with a slimming waistband to showcase your waist and legs to give you a timeless look. Made with memory stretch fabric, you'll feel like your pants were tailor-made just for you!

Carrie & Ashley Style

Slimming pants style guide : Carrie Slimming pants

The Carrie & Ashley Styles are a modern must have staple in any closet. It is fitted at the waist and drapes as a wide leg pant. This pant can give out the effects of having:

  • Curves in all the right places. 
  • Feeling taller and slenderer. 

These are equipped with faux pockets and memory stretch fabrics, you can match them with your favorite blouse and look like a million bucks.

Our slimming pants style guide will facilitate the tough decisions that you have to make when selecting your pair. 

We understand that you may have a busy lifestyle; and we know that you need a pair of well-fitting pants made of high-quality stretch material to move with you as you go about your activity-filled day.