4 incredible ways to wear shorts at the office

Just because we're in quarantine doesn't mean we shouldn't think about having style. Besides, summer's coming up and we'll soon be able to get out of our cave. So it's time to think about our summer wardrobe, and shorts are this year's award-winning garment.

Whether it's for summer outings, playing sports or going to the beach, the shorts are very practical when it's hot. But what about dress shorts for our outings in the city or for the office? Is it simply banned or can it be tolerated if it's so well designed? We'll do a little styling tune-up for you!

Slimming shorts do exist!

First point to light up: for all sorts of reasons, not all women are comfortable wearing shorts. By "shorts", we mean short panties, cut at the thigh level. It is obvious that wearing this type of clothing automatically emphasizes our legs and thighs. 

Also, rubbing your thighs while walking can cause irritation for some. We must first choose what suits us and be comfortable with our choices. But here are a few solutions that could allow you to add one more piece of clothing to your outfits.

  1. Choosing the right length

The lengths of shorts vary. To adopt a more dressy style, a length between mid-thigh and slightly above the knee is preferred, commonly known as Bermuda shorts.

As for the question of whether you can wear mid-thigh shorts to work (the suit shorts are a summer trend!), you have to be careful: they are inappropriate in many cases. It's easier to wear a Bermuda shorts suit at the office if you like the idea.

  1. Loose shorts

Loose shorts will give the impression of a thinner leg: for a more refined urban style, avoid very short and tight shorts.

  1. Shorts + high heels to lengthen the silhouette

We lengthen the silhouette and add chic to our outfit with a shoe or high-heeled sandal.

It's wrong to pretend that shorts are only for size 0 and tall thin people. It's all about leg length compared to the length of the shorts: if you like your legs, whether they're thin, curved or muscular, shorts are great for showing them off. You can also opt for a wider heel, which will definitely be more comfortable than a stiletto heel.

  1. With a jacket

Finally, the idea of transforming this garment commonly used for leisure into chic and urban clothing is rather daring, and downright trendy. For outings, we combine it with a jacket and more formal clothes. Try a leather version with a pastel jacket for a chic, urban look. Some celebrities even wear it on red carpets!