4 ways to prepare to get back to work after a long break

While the office may seem like a distant memory at this point, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll get back to work! Even if you’ve worked out of an office for your entire career up until 2020, our concept of what’s normal can change so fast – so the transition back to in-office work is bound to feel a little strange at the beginning.

Want to get a headstart on adapting to the new normal? Read on for a few simple tips you can start thinking about today in order to ease your future transition!

Manage your expectations

When you return to work at the office, things will probably look and feel a little unfamiliar. Desks might be placed in a different orientation to respect social distancing, there might be fewer colleagues around, and you may need to respect a range of new health protocols (such as wearing a mask).

Before your first day back, connect with your manager to figure out what you should expect when you arrive. While it might be strange for your workplace to feel so foreign, remember that everything takes time: your office might not look like the one you left behind, but the goal is to get things back to the way they used to be as soon as possible!

Take your comfort with you

Our favourite thing about working from home is wearing sweatpants and cozy clothes all day! Now that you’ve gotten into the routine of prioritizing your comfort, why should it take a back seat just because you’re going to be at the office?

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Make friends with your alarm again

When you work from home, you have the luxury of rolling out of bed and arriving at your desk three minutes later. However, if you have to commute to the office, you’ll need to factor that into your wake-up time once you’re back.

Instead of setting a much earlier alarm from one day to the next, ease yourself in. Once you know the date you’ll get back to work, start getting up slightly earlier every day, until you reach your regular time. Tackling this change in five- or ten-minute increments can make all the difference, and leave you feeling way more refreshed.

Ask about a hybrid setup

When you return to the office, you don’t necessarily need to jump straight into five days per week. In fact, many businesses will likely implement a hybrid model, where employees come in on a rotating schedule in order to facilitate social distancing.

If this sounds like a setup that would be a good option for you, make a point to ask management about a more balanced transition – it might just work better for them as well!