Our 6 Best Summer Outfits for Women

Ladies, summer is just around the corner! So that means that we have unveiled our new collection of the best summer outfits for women. Soon it will be time to pack up the boots, coats, and scarves and say hello to the new summer trends taking the city by storm.

While the last two summers have been far from normal, this year looks promising! Say hello to lazy evenings at a fabulous local terrace or a joyful reunion at your uncle’s yearly summer BBQ. Either way, you want this summer to be one of style and comfort from morning until night!

Margaret M is dedicated to providing the latest summer trends. We’ve got something for all you ladies out there – no matter what your style preference is. Proudly made in Canada and with high-quality stretch material, our clothing is guaranteed to last for a long time. At Margaret M, we have timeless classic cuts to ensure that you’ll be in style until at least 2028!

So, check out the list we compiled of our 6 best summer outfits for women for the 2022 season.

Are Slimming Pants the best Summer Outfits for Women ?

Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear pants and still look in season. After all, we know that girls need a pair of stylish pants for days when shorts might be weather inappropriate. 

Our slimming pants, made of stretchy material, provide a boost in creating that shapely silhouette you work so hard for. Still, if you still have a few extra pounds you want to camouflage, then the tummy tuck control band will give you a flawless finish look.

  • Marlie White Ditsy Floral Slimming Pant

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Marlie White Ditsy Floral Slimming Pant

The Marlie White Ditsy Floral Slimming Pant would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe to start the summer off on the right foot. Made of memory stretch fabric, these navy, white, and red slimming pants are chic and fun. So, flaunt your curves by combining them with a nice form-hugging navy top and white trainers, and you’ll be ready to attack the day with style and confidence!

  • Carrie Black Ponte Wide Leg pants

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Carrie Black Ponte Wide Leg pants

If you’ve ever dreamed of making your legs look taller and slender, then you’ll want to rush out and try on our Carrie Black Ponte Wide Leg pants. Versatile to wear at work, at a party or at the mall, its slimming waistband will give you curves in all the right areas and enhance your figure. In addition, the pants go just below the knee and are loose and comfortable. So you won’t need to worry about sweating while grabbing lunch at the park.

Before going out, you'll want to match them with a nice pair of kitten heels and a classic top. You’ll feel stylish and elegant all day long.

Wear Short Shorts All Summer Long

Shorts are a summer favorite, and it would be hard to believe that someone doesn’t own at least one pair in their closet! However, not all shorts are created equal and finding a pair that looks good with heels is a little harder to come by.

  • Ava Houndstooth Knit Short 

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Ava Houndstooth Knit Short

Can we all admit that the houndstooth motif will never go out of style, no matter what? This is why the Ava Houndstooth Knit Short will look amazing when you complement it with any classic or cute top in your closet. So whether it’s a tasteful dark midriff or a simple, elegant sleeveless white blouse, you’ll be one classy lady out on the town.

  • Ivy Navy Biker Short

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Ivy Navy Biker Short

How about going sporty-chic this summer? Just because you want to tone down your look doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice style, right? The biker look is in vogue this year and is one of the best summer outfits for women. So what better way to get around town than in a pair of curve-hugging Ivy Navy Biker Short with tummy tuck control to make you look your best!

Wear them with a casual white tee or a flowy tank top to create a mid-summer comfortable look.

Stylish Skirt during the Summer Sun

Do you feel like skirts might not be right for you? Then it’s probably because you haven’t found the right style for your body! Let us take care of that.

Skirts are fun, versatile, and feminine. No wonder they make the best summer outfits for women. Whereas winter requires us to pair our skirts with a thick pair of tights, we can shed lawyers in summer. So let’s welcome the heat and expose our legs for the world to see.

  • Amanda Navy Golf Skirt 

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Amanda Navy Golf Skirt

The Amanda Navy Golf Skirt is not just for golf enthusiasts. This skirt is for all women looking for comfort and style without breaking the bank! Because it’s made with stretch jersey lining shorts underneath, you won’t have to worry about revealing too much skin with every step you take. This skirt is perfect to wear for daily activities. It'll look good when matched with a nice pair of neutral flats or with cute strappy sandals. Perfect for those sweltering summer days, and it is one of the best summer outfits for women.

  • Emily Black-White Flower Skirt

Best Summer Outfits for Women: Emily Black-White Flower Skirt

If cute summer outfits are more your style, then you’ll want to get your hands on the pull-on Emily Black-White Flower Skirt. The Emily skirt is a Margaret M classic and must-have on hot summer days. Because it's so light and breezy, that you won’t feel squeezed into it. It's very versatile, and it goes with any shirt, blouse or tank top.

Show a little leg, style it with a cute pair of heels or casual loafers and be on your way. This little classic treasure gem is just what you need to ring in summer in fashion.

The best summer outfits for women in 2022

If you’re looking for the best summer outfits for women, then check out the new arrivals from Margaret M Collection. This is where you’ll want to be when you start upgrading your summer wardrobe! So, whether it’s a booked vacation or a staycation, we make sure that our clothes reflect real women going about their daily lives.

We want you to feel your best, and to feel your best, you need to look your best. With our use of memory stretch material, your figure will have a flattering, slimming effect all summer long. Cheers to that!