How to wear the pencil skirt in 2018?

First of all, what’s a pencil skirt? It just used to be the go-to piece for office wear for a majority of employed, professional women. However, in 2018, the way we wear them needs to be rethought entirely! With their improved designs, they are now an essential to any woman’s wardrobe, professional or not!

Margaret M has created several amazing designs for pencil skirts that can be worn both in a professional setting and in a casual setting. Whether you want to wear one to work or just to go for a brunch with your friends, the pencil skirt has become versatile enough to allow you to do so.


No zipper for a higher comfort level

Pencil skirts are nice. However, everybody who owns anything but a flat stomach and has ever worn one with a zipper will remember the painful red marks left on their skin after a day wearing one. Nobody likes that despite how great we may look when our tummy is tucked behind the high-waisted band of our pencil skirt. Choosing one that’s made of memory-stretch material over one with a zipper will definitely improve your quality of life a hundredfold.

Easy mix-and-match!

No longer are pencil skirts limited to black, white and other solid colors. They now have patterns and unique designs to shape your style to your liking! Do not be afraid of using different patterns together either. Opt for solid colors and contrast, try to be bold! Most usually offers the versatility to do so. If you aren’t too fond of patterns, then you can try different textures such as satin and lurex or even sequin styles! Pair them with printed blouses, be a maximalist!

Wear them casually!

Pencil skirts are overachievers in the sense that they can be worn for any occasion. If they used to be limited to office wear, you can now pair them with a pair of boots and a loose sweater for maximum comfort and style. You’ll get a more modern and casual look if you try wearing one with knitwear like wool instead of a silk top, which would be more professional.

There are a lot of ways you could wear your pencil skirt. Sometimes just switching your heels for a pair of boots will do the trick. Buy one that fits just as well with your heels than with your boots and see for yourself!

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