Margaret M's Slimming Colors Guide

Losing weight is not an easy task. Diets, daily workouts and detoxing is not an easy journey. But, one of the easiest ways to look a few pounds slimmer is to find flattering cuts and colors for your dresses.

The colors you choose to wear not only reflects on your skin tone but also on your curves. Colour is the first thing everyone notices about your outfit.  The oldest color trick in fashion is to have that perfect little black dress. In fact, so many of us have more black tops and dresses than that of a nun.

There is no denying that black does work its magic in making women look slimmer than they already are. Although, there are some stylists who believe that black isn’t the most flattering shade. So, we did our little fashion research to find the right colors that will help you highlight your features better.

Colors that can make you look slimmer

Believe it or not, true red is one of the most flattering slimming colors. Depending on what works well for your skin tone, pick your shade of red. This powerful color has the power to turn a few heads in your direction. Another set of color choice to look slimmer is chocolate brown, deep red, purple, navy blue and maroon. These colors are great to create an illusionary effect of being slim.

Burgundy and wine shades create the day-to-night hue seamlessly. These two stunning shades of colors can flatter your curves and give you a slimmer look. If you have always wanted to create the illusion of looking taller, then consider vertical lines as patterns for your dress.

Another fashion tip is to try monochromatic colors. They have the capability to camouflage some of your curves. They make you look slim and gives your body a flattering effect. Monochromatic dressing is a favorite amongst fashion editors and designers. It's about dressing from head to toe in the same color. Adding all of these colors to your wardrobe will help you create an extremely flattering look.

Colors to stay away from

While all of the above colors help you look slimmer and trimmer, we recommend you stay away from white and khaki colors. They have the power to create a larger frame for you. Also, bright-colored shirts and tees highlight your tummy and chest area. If you are still curious to find out some tips and tricks about colors that help you look slimmer, read this interesting article published in sheknows

If you want to figure out what colors work well for you without having to depend on a personal stylist, try getting a color analysis done. It is a method of determining what colors of clothing and shade of makeup harmonize with your skin tone and figure. Margaret M has been in the fashion space for several years. We always recommend our clients with one critical fashion tip.

And it’s: no matter what color you choose to dress up in, it's important to be confident in them. If you are not comfortable and confident in the colors and dresses you choose to wear, it may not look the best on you.