Our 5 best slimming outfit tips for back-to-work

After working from home for what feels like forever, the transition back to the office is going to feel a little strange. You’ll be interacting with colleagues you haven’t seen in months and months, you’ll be attending in-person meetings that show more than just your head and shoulders – so it’s totally understandable that you want to walk through the door feeling confident.

There are lots of little style tips and tricks for creating a sleek silhouette. Here are some of our favourite easy ways to create slimming outfits for when you head back to the office!

Dress for your body type

Women generally fall into one of four body shape categories: pear, hourglass, apple, or athletic. Each type looks best in different cuts of clothing, and trust us: knowing how to dress for your shape makes a huge difference! When you’re wearing the wrong size or fit, your figure simply can’t be at its best.

For example, pear-shaped bodies look great in boot-cut and flare pants to balance out their hips and thighs, while apple-shaped bodies are well suited for skinny jeans, especially when paired with a flowy top.

Use shapewear

Just because your grandma wore Spanx doesn’t mean it’s outdated. In fact, shapewear is a secret fashion weapon for lots of women, especially when it comes to workwear! These undergarments are available in a wide range of styles, from underpants to bike shorts and slips, and are designed to sculpt your natural curves in the most flattering way possible.

If you’re worried about feeling restrained, don’t worry: quality shapewear is designed using high-quality, breathable, seamless fabrics that are essentially imperceptible under your clothes.

Choose the right pants

So many women have trouble finding their “dream” pair of pants. Some waistbands cut into the midsection, some materials don’t stretch enough, and hardly any pants are designed to create a slimming effect for the wearer.

Margaret M slimming pants solve all of these problems and then some. Most importantly, each pair is designed with a hidden tummy control panel at the waist that perfectly shapes and contours your midsection, so you can look just as wonderful as you feel.

Reach for high-rise pants

This trendy rise is essential when it comes to slimming outfits! Since high-waisted pants draw attention to the smallest part of your upper body (your waist), they help create an instant hourglass effect.

Just make sure to choose the rise that looks best on you: depending on your height and weight, a rise anywhere between 8” (typically just below the belly button) and 11” (above the belly button) might flatter you the most, so we recommend trying on a few different styles.

Try a pencil skirt

Not only are knee-length pencil skirts a wardrobe staple in an office setting, but they’re also wonderful at contouring the hips and thighs. Pencil skirts are especially flattering when you’re wearing a heeled shoe – even if it’s a low heel, no need to make your feet uncomfortable or splurge on a new pair! These types of shoes create an elongating effect on the body, and can effortlessly make you appear more delicate.