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Our printed clothes are colorful and fun. Features include a memory stretch, ensuring that the pant maintains its maximum hold.

At Margaret M, we believe that each woman is unique. It is important that everyone feels good about themselves and their clothes and can express their personality through the clothes they wear.

Work clothes don't have to be boring! Our bright or subtle patterns will bring a resplendent touch to your outfit. Whether for work or everyday life, you will be at your best with our collection of printed clothing.



About our printed clothes

Our printed shorts, pants, and skirts are stylish and laid back with just the right amount of fun! We believe that colorful clothing brings joy to people and will help you have a more fun day.

Our team of designers travel the world in search of the most beautiful fabrics and the latest fashion trends. As good at work as for outings, our printed shorts will be perfect for your garden party! And as they are comfortable with their elastic band and their silky fabrics, you will never want to take them off.

Keep it classy and comfy with our classical pattern, or put a groove in your day with our energic printed! At Margaret M, we believe that self-confidence is the best outfit!

In addition to being made in Canada, all of our clothing is designed for women's comfort. Every woman must feel good and beautiful in the clothes she wears, and Margaret M is on a mission to make high-quality printings and products that will appeal to Canadian women.

Margaret M believes in diversity and inclusion and designs her clothes for all women of all sizes, all nationalities. We try to offer the best version of ourselves by always doing better and by offering quality products, adapted to the needs of women, and which enhance them.

Choosing Margaret M is encouraging local producers and the Canadian economy. It’s about being part of a community of beautiful and beautiful women who make their decisions based on their worth. Choosing Margaret M is choosing yourself first and foremost!

Two words: Free Shipping. No need to go to the store to shop for clothes. Shop online with our models who try them for you. Order and try them out in the comfort of your own home.

Are the items too big or too small? Easily exchange them by sending them back to us and indicating the desired size. Are the clothes just not right for you? Return them for a full refund. Free shipping makes us happy and we hope it has the same effect on you!