Learn More About Margaret M's Private Labels

Margaret M's Private Labels

Margaret M is one of the leading fashion brands based in Canada. We are extremely proud of our elegant and feminine designs that cater to women for all body types.

Both the design and manufacture of the displayed collection is managed inhouse by our expert fashion designers.

Creating versatile designs that represent women's needs with utmost comfort for their everyday wear is the lead objective of the brand Margaret M. Our garments are designed keeping in view the latest trends and they offer an amazing fit.

Over the last few years, our brand has consciously grown from a single label to five home-grown private labels, that we are extremely proud of.

Fashion is all about creating a timeless look for your everyday wear, that you are comfortable wearing and gives you a flattering look. The trends are ever-evolving, but with Margaret M collection, they become a part of your lifestyle. Here are the top five fashion private labels by Margaret M we have developed to cater to the fashion needs of women.  

Margaret M

Women of today are leading a hectic lifestyle and we didn't want them to compromise comfort and style to meet their fashion needs. Margaret M offers a specially curated collection of designs that are created by our in-house design experts. We want women of all body types to feel and look their best at all times, and Margaret M collection is a true depiction of just that. Whether you are looking for business wear or a casual dinner, Margaret M collection has something for every fashion lover. 

Margaret M Boutique

After we saw a growing customer demand in the region for our fashion e-commerce brand Margaret M, we decided to make it available for our retail shoppers and launched our second private label, Margaret M boutique. From slimming pants to skirts, we offer an extensive range of fashion collection that caters to every woman. You'll find work-to-weekend look simplified with us. 


Margaret M Slimming Pants

Our highly in demand Margaret M slimming pants are available in different styles, patterns, and colors. We are inspired by the vision to create and develop products that make women look their best at all occasions. This private label by Margaret M is created with memory stretch fabric and has a tummy tuck feature too. These slimming pant styles have been in demand and are the perfect choice of apparel that enhances your figure. 

Erica Taylor

Erica Taylor by Margaret M is designed to make your outfits both comfortable and flattering. Designed as everyday wear, we use crease-resistant fabric to let you wear them all day with a fresh look. Spruce up your look with our iconic fashion collection. 

SliMM by Margaret M

SliMM by Margaret is carefully designed to meet the needs of every fashionista. Comfort and fashion have always been the core considerations while creating our apparels, this private label by Margaret M showcases just that. Beautifully detailed slimming outfits created to perfect any look. With tummy tuck feature to create the much-desired slimming effect, SliMM by Margaret is a collection that has been taking on the market.