Slimming Fit

Tummy Tuck

(Mesh that holds the tummy for a better hold)

Margaret M Slimming Fit Pants

Our tummy tuck is included in all our slimming pants, and is a favourite with shoppers. Discreet but effective, the tuck adds that confidence-boosting finishing touch that makes all the difference. Thanks to our tummy tuck, everything feels more in place for the day ahead.

Memory Stretch Fabric

(Holds the body for ease of movement)
margaret m slimming fit clothing


Who says that elegance equals awkward? At MargaretM, we beg to differ, so it’s no accident that we’ve chosen memory stretch fabric for our slimming pants. Stretchy, soft and durable, this fabric adds comfort to every move you make. Our pants are sure to complement you, whatever your figure.



(Dress up or down easily)
margaret m slimming fit online women


What’s the difference between a dressed-up look and a more casual one? For the designers behind the clothes offered by MargaretM, it’s all about attitude. Pants that feel as good for a walk around the park as they do behind your office desk. Impossible? Think again. It wasn’t easy, but we at MargaretM are confident we’ve pulled it off.  

Pull On

(Bye-bye buttons and zippers)
margaret m slimming fit pull on


If there’s one word that describes our pants, it’s practical. Why struggle with buttons or zippers (or those sloppy folds that they create) when you can enjoy our elastic fabric? Easy enough to pull on for a child, our pants will win you over from the moment you try them out.

Easy Care

(Treated for shrinkage and softness)
margaret m slimming fit online


In designing our pants, we wanted to offer women the luxury of an exquisite, modern look without the mornings spent at the ironing board. After several attempts, we’ve finally met our objective. The result? Soft, easy-to-wear clothing without the wrinkles!


(Optimal fit through years of expertise)
margaret m slimming fit online clothing


Our years spent designing superior quality clothing have paid off. Today, after our tireless effort in studying a range of female body types, we’re proud to offer pieces that complement 99.9% of the women who wear them!


(prints that are classic, contemporary and more.)
margaret m slimming fit women


In designing pants, picking the right patterns and colours is always a challenge. It’s important that they optimally match the rhythm of everyday life. That’s why we always go with tones that are timeless, while putting a modern spin on the classic. You can experience for yourself the results.


(Holds the body in all the right places.)
margaret m slimming fit clothes


Let’s face it: the perfect body isn’t easy to maintain. The life of a modern woman is never short of surprises, and finding the time to work out can sometimes feel impossible. At MargaretM, we understand. That’s why we offer clothes that will fit you at all phases of your life. You can always count on our pants to not only feel comfortable but to give you that extra boost of self-confidence.

Made in Canada

At MargaretM, we value contributing to the development of our country. That’s part of the reason we’ve decided to make all our products here in Canada. We also feel better knowing that our pieces meet all Canadian healthy and safety standards; that our slimming pants have travelled less and have made a smaller carbon footprint, and that the people who manufacture our clothes are well-treated and enjoy good work conditions.